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An adaptogen that adapts to your body's unique needs relating to stress.

Why take it:
- If you have a demanding job.

- If you have young children.

- If you experience fatigue on a regular basis.

- If you're going through an emotionally stressful time in your life.

- If you work out regularly and want to mitigate the physical effects of stress on your body.

- If you want to give your immune system a boost.

60 vegan capsules, 480mg each. Take one (1) capsule daily. 

Well Told's capsule shells are 100% vegan, made with either tapioca or cellulose derived from pine trees. While many brands choose to use gelatine capsules, they see it as an unnecessary added source of animal product, often unclearly sourced, with potential long-term side effects. 


Ingredients: Organic reishi + organic lion's mane + organic maitake + organic cordyceps + vegan capsule shells + nothing else.