May All Beings Be Happy was founded by Carolyn Buch (artist and 5 year vegan), who after many years of working in the fashion and beauty industry, saw the growing need and demand for sustainable and ethical merchandise that still holds a high level of design and style. Providing a solution to a gap in the market, MABBH is an all-in-one destination of 100% animal free products with eco-conscious options. This online platform supports fashion, beauty and wellness and will be specializing in indie brands to grow our community from the inside out.

Catering to the growing audience of sustainability focused and plant-based consumers, MABBH plans to bridge the gap between big box retailers and specialty shops. Say goodbye to the endless product description and ingredients label scrolling. Our biggest mission is to create a community of conscious consumers while staying true to our playful side. We want anyone who is vegan, plant-based or just curious to discover new incredible brands and feel right at home with us.  

May All Beings Be Happy is our thesis for why we created this platform. It is widely known in many cultures and spiritual philosophies that eating a plant-based diet raises your vibration due to not consuming energy from life that has suffered. In light of our own personal journey of going vegan due to ethical reasons, we realize that helping others discover this aids in all beings living a healthier and happier life together. ✿