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In this week’s MABBH Spotlight we chat with founder, hustler and totally inspiring female entrepreneur- Brooke Rewa. With two successful companies under her belt, ( Made with Love Wellness + GOODMYLK CO.) she knows a thing or two about how to start, run and operate a business from the ground up.

Read on to learn more about what it takes to truly be an entrepreneur in today’s society, words of wisdom when creating a business and more on her plant-based and vegan journey!


1. First of all, tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! I'm the founder and CEO of Goodmylk Co. I grew up in a really small farm town (on a dairy farm) in New York and became obsessed with animals at a young age. I gave up dairy milk around age 12 for soy and then almond milk once it became a thing and have never looked back!

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2. What was the catalyst to make you go vegan or plant-based?

Well, really my love for the animals I was surrounded by. I went vegetarian at age 12. Which was very confusing for my family of hunters and meat eaters. At the same time I gave up cow's milk and later was vegan for about 6 years. As I got a bit older and started to educate myself it became more about how food fueled me and made me feel. I was motivated to eat plant based because I wanted to feel vibrant and healthy.


3. How long have you been vegan/plant based for, and what has your experience been like adapting to our society?

My Vegan journey has a big role in the creation of Goodmylk. I moved to LA from Buffalo as a vegan and a whole world of vegan food opened up to me. Unfortunately 90% of it was super processed food. Assuming that all vegan foods were healthy I went to town eating any and all of the new vegan creations I was finding. I quickly found myself with insane stomach pains and a few other unpleasant digestive issues. After a year of trying to figure out what was wrong with me I finally met a holistic nutritionist who taught me to cut out processed food. This was a game changer. However, it wasn't until months in to my new food journey that i turned over my box of almond milk (a product I consumed 3x a day) and realized it had all kinds of nasty ingredients and was super processed. Like so many consumers I believed the marketing without looking for myself. This began my journey of making my own plant based mylks in my kitchen. And once you try homemade you're never going back to that boxed junk.


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4. Tell us more about GOODMYLK CO. and what it took to start it?

My entrepreneurial journey really started with my juice line (Made With Love). Juice changed my life and I wanted to share it with everyone. I started selling bottles at the local farmer's market and quickly realized there was a need for my customers to have access to better almond milk. So I took the recipes I was making for myself at home and started bottling them to sell along side my juice. The mylks were a hit and gained a lot attention, which helped us land our first big cafe account; Blue Bottle Coffee.

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5. What principles in your business set you apart from the industry standard?

We believe in quality over compromise. We innovate to find ways to grow without using the processing, binders, gums and fillers that other plant based milk companies use. Our frozen mylk concept is one of a kind and we are about to launch another one of a kind Goodmylk product in a couple of weeks! We also soak and sprout our nuts and seeds and only use 100% Organic ingredients.


Almond Mylk Concentrate 6-Pack, $67.49


Hemp Mylk Concentrate 6-Pack, $67.49


6. Being a business woman, what were the biggest challenges when creating your own brand?

I'd say there are new big challenges every day. in the beginning it was really about just making it through to the next day. Now that the product has caught on and we're seeing success it's about staying true to our values and remaining authentic as we grow and as I have to pass on some of my responsibilities to new team members.


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7. Without compromising the integrity of the service/product, what advice would you give entrepreneurs who want to scale their business?

Seek advice from people you admire who have built what you're working toward.

8. If you could give any words of wisdom to creators and/or founders in this digital age, what would it be?

There's no easy way. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success and shortcuts will never work.



9. Living in the LA area, what are your favorite plant-based establishments to check out?

Jewel in Silverlake is hands down my absolute favorite. Their food is insane and the two female owners are powerhouses.

I love Kippy's Ice Cream in Venice for their super clean and delicious coconut cream ice cream.

And Sunlife Organics makes the best smoothies and bowls (using Goodmylk of course)!

10. This will be hard. If you can only stock 3 things in your fridge for a week, what are your holy grails?

Seems like a well rounded day of eating to me! ;)


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