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MABBH Spotlight: Carina Chaz of DedCool

We all know one of the popular buzzwords of last year was “clean beauty”, right? Big brands are now fighting tooth and nail to take up space in the non-toxic arena, but least we forget who the smaller brands were who truly paved the way for the masses. One of...

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MABBH Spotlight: Eddie Mitsou Pettersson

In this week’s MABBH Spotlight we are so excited to introduce to you the Sweden born model, vegan food enthusiast, and all around effortlessly cool it-girl: Eddie Mitsou Pettersson. Read on to hear about her experience in the modeling world, how she stays on track while traveling, holy grail beauty...

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MABBH Spotlight: Kate Vitamin

When you’re flipping through the latest fashion magazine or clicking through an online lookbook do you ever stop to think more about the models themselves? What is their story, who are they really, and what do they believe in? We stumbled upon our next MABBH Spotlight: Kate Vitamin while scrolling...

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MABBH Spotlight: Brooke Rewa

In this week’s MABBH Spotlight we chat with founder, hustler and totally inspiring female entrepreneur- Brooke Rewa. With two successful companies under her belt, ( Made with Love Wellness + GOODMYLK CO.) she knows a thing or two about how to start, run and operate a business from the ground...

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MABBH Spotlight: Laura Prim

On this week’s MABBH Spotlight we talk with Laura Prim: the talented co-founder and designer behind the Barcelona based vegan clothing brand Oscar Prim. We chatted creating your own brand, how being vegan influenced her career and words of wisdom to other entrepreneurs trying to pave their own way in...

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